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Preprints2014-12-001 Heat Kernel Asymptotic Expansions for The Heisenberg Sublaplacian and The Grushin Operator Adobe PDF
Der-Chen Chang and Yutian Li
Preprints2014-11-002 Recent Developments on Pseudo-Differential Operators (II) Adobe PDF
Der-Chen Chang, Xiaojing Lyu, and Bert-Wolfgang Schulze
Preprints2014-11-001 An Effective Criterion for Eulerian Multizeta Values in Positive Characteristic Adobe PDF
Chieh-Yu Chang, Matthew A. Papanikolas, and Jing Yu
Preprints2014-10-002 Multiple Steady-States in Phytoplankton Population Induced by Photoinhibition Adobe PDF
Yihong Du, Sze-Bi Hsu and Yuan Lou
Preprints2014-10-001 A Nonlocal Problem from Conservation Biology Adobe PDF
S. B. Hsu, J. López Gómez, L. Mei, And M. Molina-Meyer
Preprints2014-9-001 Lq-Extensions of Lp-Spaces by Fractional Diffusion Equations Adobe PDF
Der-Chen Chang
Preprints2014-8-003 Matrix Representations of Discrete Differential Operators and Operations in Electromagnetism Adobe PDF
Tsung-Ming Huang, Wen-Wei Lin, Weichung Wang
Preprints2014-8-002 Fast Eigensolvers for Three Dimensional Lossless Drude Dispersive Metallic Photonic Crystals Adobe PDF
Tsung-Ming Huang, Han-En Hsieh, Wen-Wei Lin, Weichung Wang
Preprints2014-8-001 Poincaré's Lemma on the Heisenberg Group Adobe PDF
Ovidiu Calin, Der-Chen Chang, and Jishan Hu
Preprints2014-7-003 On the Hodge-Type Decomposition and Cohomolgy Groups of k-Cauchy-Fueter Complexes over Domains in the Quaternionic Space Adobe PDF
Der-Chen Chang, Irina Markina and Wei Wang
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